The Farm Team - Seedbed

The Farm Team

The Staff serving Seedbed stretch from Wilmore, Kentucky, to Mobile, Alabama, and from Houston, Texas, to Franklin, Tennessee. Seedbed brings together enormous talent and creative vision in this committed team of servants. Learn more about them below.

J.D. Walt is the Chief Sower and ultimate visionary behind the Seedbed brand. He sows like a champion each day on Seedbed Daily Text and often serves as the cinematic director behind Seedbed’s Instagram. Most importantly, though, he demonstrates the Seedbed mantra of Sola Sancta Caritas as he gives leadership to Seedbed’s publishing vision, development, design, and tribe.

Andy Miller is Seedbed’s Director of Publishing and gives leadership to the publishing team in Franklin, Tennessee. Andy comes to Seedbed from a lifelong vocation as a publisher. He brings a deep passion for the recovery of a Wesleyan theological vision for the church and particularly for the reissuing of what we’re calling the “John Wesley Collection,” the treasure trove of source material from ages past.

Andrew Dragos is an ethnic Romanian-Canadian-American. He serves as Managing Editor for online content. After several years in youth ministry, he moved to Wilmore where his interest in developing theological resources has blossomed. Now he lives in Franklin with his wife, Leigh. He also dreams of one day owning a cafe-restaurant and enjoys art and design. Drop him a line at He blogs regularly here. Follow him on twitter @andyandbeyond.

Micah Smith is Seedbed’s Sowing Strategist (say that five times fast!). With a background in public relations, branding, and web-based community building, she has the experience and enthusiasm to sow Seedbed extravagantly both within its own tribe and beyond. Follow her on Instagram @mrsmicahsmith.

Holly Jones serves in Seedbed’s Publishing Office as Director of Production where she fastidiously manages the tedious process of book publishing from final manuscript to finished book. And she is the resident expert on the Chicago Manual of Style and 80s music.

Jenna Miller serves as the Director of Finances and Business Operations. In other words, she’s an organizational mastermind and Seedbed’s in-house numbers wiz.

Darlene “Darry” Chaney serves as Seedbed’s Chief Fulfillment Officer. Darry has a tiny ferocious dog named Toby who easily mistakes fingers for bacon treats. In other words, “beware of dog.”

Ryan Staples is the Media Director of Seedbed. With a camera and a computer he translates ordinary stories into digital masterpieces. Rarely do you find a technical pro with artistic genius. In Ryan we consistently find both. If an article or resource involves sight, sound and motion Ryan and his team are responsible. If you want to find out more about Ryan’s work you can visit his website,

Patricia Taylor is’s Editorial Assistant and has the covetable skill of never dropping balls, no matter how many she’s juggling. While attending Asbury Theological Seminary, she also reads through Seedbed’s blog posts and Seedbed Shorts with an acute attention to grammatical detail AND serves as Editor for the Soul Care Collective. The best thing about Patricia, though, is that she loves people well and helps them see themselves as the Lord sees them. How great is that?

Jeremy Steele serves as the Director of Seedbed Collectives. We tapped him to pioneer our very first collective, the Youth Ministry Collective, and he did such a bang up job we brought him onto the team to expand this vision into many other fields of mission and ministry across the church. Have an idea for a new collective? Get in touch with Jeremy. Jeremy is the father of four young children and his day job involves giving leadership to all of the age level discipleship ministries at Christ United Methodist Church in Mobile, Alabama. Follow him on twitter @unpretending and online at

Mark Benjamin serves as the Director of the New Room Conference for Seedbed. Like Jeremy Steele, Mark possesses the rare mix of gifts that enable him to fly at 35,000 feet and be on the ground at the same time. He’s both big picture and small details; exactly who you want at the helm of a growing conferencing ministry. Mark’s day job involves leading worship for Asbury United Methodist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. He’s married to Erin and together they are raising their five young children.

Randy Hardman joined the Farm Team as our National Director of Sales and Global Tribe Development. Randy has the gifted ability to do practical ministry from the posture of a learned theologian. He loves to come alongside pastors and church leaders to aid them in accomplishing their unique mission. He’s the kind of person who will help you find what you need, whether Seedbed has it or not. Randy works out of our Wilmore, Kentucky, office and is the father of two young children.

Kevin Henson serves the Farm Team as Seedbed’s Chief Resourcing Agent for the Republic of Texas. Kevin works from our Houston, Texas, office—but who am I fooling— Kevin IS our Houston, Texas, office. There are more churches per square mile in Texas than there are total churches in some other states. Kevin has served over the past twenty plus years at a variety of posts across several local churches. His other day job has him on the staff of Compassion International advancing the cause of millions of children in need around the world. If you are in Texas and you want to connect personally with Seedbed, Kevin is an email away.