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Threshing Floor Podcast 014: Noah

In the midst of the glorious (and Lent breaking) reality of the AM Crunchwrap, our hosts find the time to talk about the recent movie Noah. They share a conversation about Biblical narrative, the nature of God and the interior human struggle of the Biblical Story. We also lament the loss of a childhood hero for two of the hosts and talk about the spring of super Jesus movies.

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The Forgotten Command of Jesus

Sometimes I wonder why foot washing is not practiced more widely in the church today. Certainly, I understand concerns about it being a bit too personal and potentially awkward—touching someone else’s feet, or having someone else touch your own feet.

From: A Wesleyan Accent

When Children and Jesus Suffer

It’s possible to get all sentimental and misty-eyed about suffering and forget the real pain, tragedy, and injustice involved. Suffering is happening right now, even as we think of it. Right now somewhere babies and small children are being killed or maimed or tortured.

From: Howard Snyder

Not My Will, But Yours Be Done

In Gethsemane Jesus is confronted with a choice. To either cut bait and run. Avoid the pain. Try to free a leg, an arm, to grasp, to fight against the muck and mire, and the feeling of sinking deep into an unwanted reality. Or, to choose what is humanly counterintuitive: To fall back.

From: Care and Healing

Does God Care About the Friendship of Little Children?

I believe that a childhood moment of self-acceptance, peace and an opening of a door to friendship on the playground was a Divine Moment, designed by a loving Heavenly Father who was watching over me, assisting me through one stage of life, and preparing me for the next.

From: Timothy Tennent

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