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#GrowWise. The Truth About Money

Bottom line: When the holy and fearful love of God is our center of gravity we will think a lot less about money. We will grow in the gift of contentment. The corollary is also true. When the love of money is the center of gravity we will think a lot less about God. We will shrink in the grip of greed.

From: J. D. Walt

ADVANCE Session 3 – “Fruit (of the Spirit): From Doing To Being”

We live in a culture that is held hostage by doing. We constantly hear messages that tell us we have to do more to be good enough, strong enough, beautiful enough, smart enough, to be accepted. The Holy Spirit works in us not just so we can “do good” but so that we can “bear fruit.”

From: Youth Ministry Collective

We Are Not Slaves (Part 2)

Every major figure in the Bible talked about the importance of Sabbath. Jesus himself was faithful to practice it. The Bible in both testaments claims it as the key to healthy living — spiritually, mentally and physically. And yet, ministry leaders seldom take it seriously and often dangerously neglect it in our own lives.

From: Church Planter Collective

The Virtue of Pastoral Leadership

The similarity between the virtues and sanctification becomes especially clear when we grasp the connection between holiness and happiness. Holiness is a synonym for sanctification, which in the Wesleyan sense is seen as that state whereby our character comes to be defined by holy love.

From: Wesleyan Accent

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