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Does Romans 9-11 Teach Calvinist Predestination?

Does Romans 9-11 teach Calvinist predestination? In this Seven Minute Seminary, Ben Witherington explains that Paul's aim is to refute the idea that God now favored the Romans, or Gentiles, rather than the Jews. In the process, he explains how the terms predestination, election, and salvation relate—or don't relate—to one another.

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"Unless You Read This Post. . ."

"Unless" is a dangerous word. It should be invoked sparingly and with great caution and discernment. When spoken in a "Church" context it will invariably lead to some major meetings at headquarters. And unless God himself actually says "unless" it should definitely set off some alarms. Beware of "unless" people. They may be right, but they must be challenged.

From: J. D. Walt

"I Wish More Arminians were More Like Calvinists"

We need more, indeed lots more, Wesleyans and Arminians who have thought these issues through carefully enough to understand what is at stake and are prepared to expose Reformed rhetoric for what it is. We need more Arminians who preach about God’s sovereignty, predestination and election, rather than ignoring those doctrines, thereby giving the impression that those are “Calvinist issues.”

From: Wesleyan Accent

"I Feel Like I Have Just Met the Apostle Paul"

I remember the first time it really dawned on me that I was actually a nominal Christian. The real tragedy is that such a possibility had never even crossed my mind. So, lift up your eyes and see afresh the mighty works of God around the world.

From: Timothy Tennent

"How to Lead Championship Ministry Teams"

With closer examination, youth ministry teams can learn much from watching the coaches and teams participating in the FIFA World Cup. Some churches have ministry teams that are made up of multiple paid staff and others are solely compiled of volunteers, but no matter the size of the church if you are attempting to lead in ministry as a lone ranger then you are most likely headed for an early departure from ministry.

From: Youth Ministry Collective

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Youth Ministry Collective

We're excited to announce our Youth Ministry Collective — a place for Wesleyan-minded youth pastors to join other leaders in conversations about how this looks in youth ministry.

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