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A New Idea for Valentine’s Day

Some people go all-in for Valentine's Day, while others refuse to participate at all. Instead, they mock the holiday. Kensi Duszynski shares a new idea for Valentine's Day that avoids the dangers of both cynicism and materialism.

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Why You Can’t Join Someone Else’s Family

By the power of the Holy Spirit, we who believe, are now included in the lineage of Jesus. We get included the genealogy! God is our Father now. This genealogical record tells the story of our family. Only in this story is such a thing possible.

From: J.D. Walt

The Mission Prep Retreat: Everything in a Day and a Half

Short Term Mission events can be a daunting task for those who are involved with the planning. Rebekah Bled shares 4 tried and true steps that will have your group moving in the right direction in no time!

From: Youth Ministry Collective

The Weekly Breather: Who Am I

Who are you really, when you are displaying your truest self? Do you know? Allow this Weekly Breather exercise to help you discover who God created you to be.

From: Soul Care Collective

What’s Mission? Ask Jesus

In the Gospel of John, Jesus says he came to “finish the work” the Father had sent him to do. He prays that his disciples all “may […]

From: Howard Snyder

Daily Text

Each day offers a short Bible text and a small bit of what we call “devotional commentary,” both of which aim to keep our community on a common journey. Come here daily for readings that will stir you on to prayer and reflection.

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