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Black Friday Prayer

In one of the greatest ironies of our time, Americans flock to stores this day in order to acquire more things the day after giving thanks for God's provision. Here's a Black Friday prayer to help us stay focused on what really matters.

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Try This Approach to Thanksgiving Prayer Today

If I can pull it off, this Thanksgiving holiday, our family is going to try an experiment in biblical thanksgiving. Psalm 136 provides an ancient format that can inspire spontaneous individual expressions of thanksgiving while also enabling others to participate in a more hearty yet less conspicuous corporate response.

From: J. D. Walt

Go BIG or Go Home with Sweatsuit Sumo

Everyone wants to be a sumo wrestler, right? But, who has the time for all the training and where do you even buy those uniforms? Don’t worry, we have a cheap and hilarious twist on sumo wrestling that will rock at your next youth meeting and will have you in hysterics!

From: Youth Ministry Collective

Do Christians Fall Asleep?

Why do we so easily say that Christians “die,” when the New Testament teaches that really only the body dies, and even that death is not permanent? For the New Testament insists on the resurrection of the body; the reuniting of body and spirit in wholeness; the full meaning of New Creation in the larger Renewed Creation. Not just naked soul survival.

From: Howard Snyder


There are things that you and I can never do for Christ and the kingdom by ourselves. We have to be a part of a body, a community. This is especially true in the use of our money.

From: Wesleyan Accent

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Youth Ministry Collective

We're excited to announce our Youth Ministry Collective — a place for Wesleyan-minded youth pastors to join other leaders in conversations about how this looks in youth ministry.

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