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RESET: Trust. It's What We Do.

We do not understand the ways of God, and so we must not trust our understanding. We trust God with all our hearts. We acknowledge God in all of our ways. That’s who we are. That’s what we do. Thanks Mary and Joseph for blazing the trail for us. Where would we be without you?

From: J. D. Walt

Day by Day: Walking Daily with Jesus – Message and Small Group Guide for Youth

A day by day walk with Jesus is an invitation, not an obligation that should challenge us. This three week series dives into these ideas, as well as offers practical ideas for a daily walk with Jesus.

From: Youth Ministry Collective

What has business got to do with faith? (Part 1)

One would think that introducing Lydia as a woman who deals in “purple cloth” would have been the normal way to introduce her rather than by her religious faith. For the author, the key identifier for her is her gender, place of origin and the faith she professes. Her faith influenced how she lived her life including how she conducted her business.

From: Faith and Work Collective

Get Up and Go

Do it even if you don't feel like it, even if you don't believe, or can't imagine, that the promise that is offered can come to you. Get up and follow it anyway, because you are a person of faith, and you believe that what is real is not only the way you feel now, but the promise offered to you in Jesus Christ. Arise, and shine.

From: Wesleyan Accent

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Youth Ministry Collective

We're excited to announce our Youth Ministry Collective — a place for Wesleyan-minded youth pastors to join other leaders in conversations about how this looks in youth ministry.

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