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Recovering a Willardian Wesleyanism

What do the late Dallas Willard and John Wesley have in common? They both painted a picture of the Christian life that is attainable in the here and now. Read this article from John A. Murdock which draws parallels between the rich life and work of both Christian leaders.

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"Does the Lord Speak to You?"

It sounds exceptional and unusual as though this were a rare occurrence. I think this reality of the Lord standing near us is the norm of a Holy Spirit filled life rather than the exception. We just are not attuned enough to the Holy Spirit to recognize it most of the time. Or our circumstances are not desperate enough.

From: J. D. Walt

"It’s an Icebreaker …Get it?!"

There is only one way to improve the typical ice breaker: add ice… and puns. We’ll leave the punny title to you, but this icebreaker is a lot of fun and no-prep!

From: Youth Ministry Collective

"Jesus Loves Gays and Lesbians"

These stories introduce the new revised edition of Homosexuality and the Church: Guidance for Commuity Conversation. I have clarified several points in the book; added a section on “Accommodation Theology,” and included discussion questions. Here is the principle: Unrestricted love without compromise on moral or doctrinal truth as revealed in Scripture.

From: Howard Snyder

"Stepping Stones of Spiritual Growth"

John Dunne, a contemporary theologian at Notre Dame, talked about the principle of “pass over” as a process of discovery and growth. This principle has nothing to do with Jewish “Passover.” Dunne said it is good to “pass over” into someone else’s experience, then return, enriched with new insight about your own. I adopted his principle of “pass over” as a way to be on my sabbatical.

From: Wesleyan Accent

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