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Why Discipleship Needs the Church

Many discipleship programs prize individualism and leave out the essential ingredient without which discipleship doesn't really happen: the church. In today's article, Steve Bruns shares why we need to leave our Gnostic tendencies behind and recapture a vision for discipleship that happens in and by the church.

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"Learning to Call our Own Fouls"

When it came to the knowledge and application of Scripture, Paul was a model of consistency. We can also say he was even handed. In today’s text, he calls out the hypocrisy of the high priest noting he was violating the very law by which he was judging Paul. Then Paul realized he was violating the law by which he was judging the high priest.

From: J. D. Walt

"They Aren’t Only Yours!"

Imagine what would happen if every adult in a local church saw the young people in their church as their brothers and sisters in Christ. Imagine what would happen if the adults in your local congregation moved from “the youth” to “our youth.”

From: Youth Ministry Collective

"The Revival America Doesn’t Need"

America needs a great awakening, a revival, a genuine stirring of the Spirit of God. America does not need a pseudo-revival, a movement that champions pseudo-Christianity, that uses religious fervor for unholy ends. Here is the revival we don’t need, and should fear:

From: Howard Snyder

"Back to the Future: Tightening Our Grip on What Matters"

The synergy of being reflective and knowing what one believes, understanding the experience of faith and discipleship, and living out the practices that help one grow as a disciple is a Wesleyan Methodist distinctive. There is always the challenge that one will wistfully recall the past heritage, but not make those very elements a part of one’s present spiritual life. In moving forward, one must ask if our heritage is simply nostalgia, or if it still guides the people called Methodists.

From: Wesleyan Accent

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