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"When the Gospel and Happy Songs Part Ways"

It’s easy to read a sentence like, “And the disciples were filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit,” and assume these guys went around singing happy-happy-joy-joy songs like Pass it On (you’ve got to see this!) most of the time.

From: J. D. Walt

"What Goes Around"

Jerusalem is loaded with curious stories linking stunning archaeological finds with utterly obscure people who are then associated with intriguing currents of politics, culture or religion. Jacob Spafford 1Sometime in 1880, a kid living in Jerusalem named Jacob Eliahu, who was skipping school, went swimming. He was the son of a Jewish couple who had adopted the protestant faith.

From: Lawson Stone

"3 Tips for Making a Difference with the Ice Bucket Video"

Is the ice bucket thing dumb? That is the dividing line here, right? This thing seems to have passed being viral to being an all-out epidemic. Instead of groaning about receiving the 1,000th challenge from a youth with their parent holding a bucket behind them and their little brother running in the background, use it.

From: Youth Ministry Collective

"To What End do We Serve?"

In a letter to John Smith on June 25, 1746, John Wesley, in reflecting on the Methodist movement, wrote, “What is the end of all ecclesiastical order? Is it not to bring souls from the power of Satan to God? And to build them in his fear and love? Order, then, is so far valuable as it answers these ends; and if it answers them not it is worth nothing.”

From: Howard Snyder

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