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Christian Cultural Engagement: Two Approaches

What’s so important about cultural discernment? In today's article, Benjamin Videtich sensitively works through two common approaches related to cultural engagement. Both are expressed by Jesus in his own life and ministry, but usually Christians will resonate with one over the other.

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Step 12: Pursue Gut-Level Honesty.

The Gospel means change from the inside out. Broken human nature wants to try to cover over the darkness within by creating a shiny surface. As we get closer and closer to the cross, Jesus will confront us with just this reality. He is looking for a radiance that comes from the deepest place in person. In fact, he is looking for a quality of inner light and life that only he is capable of putting there.

From: J. D. Walt

The (Surprisingly) Comprehensive Wesley

One of the most attractive things about Wesley is his very active sense of God’s providence—God’s “particular providence,” as he sometimes said—in our own lives and in the whole of human history. The specially attractive aspect of this to me is that it pairs with Wesley’s high sense of personal responsibility and the resources of God’s grace to guide and provide and to continue the work of salvation in the world. So providence is miles removed from fate or fatalistic destiny.

From: Howard Snyder

A Quick Tool for Assessing Balance in Ministry

Those of us in the helping professions are prime candidates for having compassion fatigue run us right over and we never even see it coming. Let's take care of ourselves so we can be there for others.

From: Soul Care Collective

A Pattern for Prayer

It’s one thing to affirm the need for prayer, but it’s quite another to know what that looks like in practical life. We don’t live in a world very conducive to that sort of life, and it’s not clear that the church does a good job of teaching it. So here I’d like to offer a pattern for prayer that can help any Christian begin to build a rhythm of prayer into daily life.

From: Wesleyan Accent

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