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American football.

Must See Links for Your Super Bowl Sunday

The most watched television event of all year is finally upon us. In this round up of Internet links, you'll find the provocative, the serious, and everything else you need to know about Super Bowl 50.

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Combatting Evil Instead of Trying to Explain It.

Finally, we need to be reminded that patience in the face of suffering is not somehow giving in or resigning oneself to their circumstances. Patience is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. It is a deep inward supernatural disposition that arises from abandoning oneself to God in the midst of the trial.

From: J.D. Walt

Contemplation in Sermon Preparation

Sermon writing is different from any other writing. In order to be effective, your heart must be connected with God. Leanne Hadley shares how contemplation is essential when preparing to preach.

From: Preaching Collective

Organizing Your Worship Song Database

It is so much easier to access just the right song if you have a well organized database. But, there is no need to reinvent the wheel! Adam Kurihara shares a method for organization that will have you geeking out!

From: Worship Design Collective

Break the Valentine Ice with Reverse Charades

The time around Valentine's Day can be a socially awkward time. How can you help teenagers break the ice? This new ice breaker game from Hank Hilliard is sure to loosen everyone up!

From: Youth Ministry Collective

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