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7 Ways to Welcome Your New Pastor

The beginning of the spring season brings with it the season when many pastors and their families are on the move to a new church in a new community. When a pastoral transition is handled well, the excitement will usually far exceed the anxiety. Read 7 ways churches can make transitions a good experience for the whole family.

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Step 37: Become a Holy Risk Taker.

Jesus is teaching us disciples what it means to be a holy risk taker for the sake of his Kingdom in the period between his first coming and second coming. It can be about money, but it can also be about the kinds of gifts, talents and abilities God has given us. One thing is for sure. The only risk we never want to take is the risk of not risking at all.

From: J. D. Walt

Summer Missions – What to Do Now

As youth ministers, when we do something that works, it is usually not an accident. Great ministry takes thoughtful foresight. This month as you walk in ministry with your students, parents and volunteers, I encourage you to look up with an eye towards summer missions.

From: Youth Ministry Collective

Donald Demaray: Aging and Spirituality

What spiritual possibilities exist in the difficult phase of aging? In today’s video interview, Dr. Donald Demaray speaks to us about sensitive issues like caring for a spouse with dementia, children having crises, and the grace involved in each process.

From: Soul Care Collective

Dwight Gibson Interview (Part I): Craftsmanship

Dwight Gibson is Chief Explorer at The Exploration Group, as well as Director of Program Outreach at the Acton Institute. He is featured in Acton’s video series: For the Life of the World: Letters to the Exiles. In part one of this three-part interview, Dwight and Kevin Kinghorn discuss craftsmanship.

From: Faith and Work Collective

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