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Football in America

7 Quick Facts about the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the biggest sports event in American culture. Regularly drawing in over 100 million viewers, a lot of money and energy is spent on making this event happen. Read 7 quick facts about this cultural phenomenon via Andrew Dragos.

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The Word of God on the Stage of World History

The Word of God meets us unexpectedly, catches us off guard, exposes our unreadiness and calls us to repent– which is to say, “Prepare the way of the Lord. Make straight paths for him.” Step one of this preparation? Release our expectations and ready ourselves for encounter. Something is about to happen that will be so astonishingly beautiful to some and so unnervingly infuriating to others, we will have to behold it to believe it.

From: J. D. Walt

ADVANCE Session 3 – “Fruit (of the Spirit): From Doing To Being”

We live in a culture that is held hostage by doing. We constantly hear messages that tell us we have to do more to be good enough, strong enough, beautiful enough, smart enough, to be accepted. The Holy Spirit works in us not just so we can “do good” but so that we can “bear fruit.”

From: Youth Ministry Collective

Life After Death in the Church

I am looking forward to the “other side of Christendom.” It will be a painful transition. There will continue to be an endless stream of attempts to accommodate with culture in order to finally “gain their approval.” But, these should be regarded as nothing more than death rattles. The real life is found beyond all of these proposals. Life that is truly life is found only after death.

From: Timothy Tennent

Justifying Grace

If we desire that Christ brings us the grace to renew us and breathe new life into us, that admits quite simply that there is something about and in us that is old and dead and in need of being renewed. So, somehow, someway we must come to terms with that in ourselves which isn’t as it ought to be, and to admit that we are not able to make ourselves be what we ought to be on our own.

From: Wesleyan Accent

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