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7 Quick Facts about Halloween

What are the origins of modern day Halloween, this holiday that is second only to Christmas in popularity? Today, Andrew Dragos shares 7 quick facts about Halloween that reveal that determining the exact origins of specific traditions may be harder than expected, and speaks to the uneasy truce the church has had with the pagan cultures it inhabits.

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"Why I’d Rather Be Tried by Caesar than the Church"

Think about it. In the Bible, we see the court systems and process of Rome act far more mercifully and fair and just than do “God’s own people.” Compare the way Jesus was handled by the High Priest to the way he was handled by Pontius Pilate. Pilate would have released him. Compare the way Paul was handled by the Sanhedrin to the way he was handled by Felix and Festus and so forth. Felix and Festus found no apparent fault with Paul, yet the Sanhedrin condemned him to death before the “trial” even began.

From: J. D. Walt

"Packing Lists That Matter: 3 Quick and Easy Steps"

Every year when it comes time for a retreat or camp, you change the date on last year’s packing list, post the new PDF online, and pass it out at the parent meeting before the trip. It has to be the least thought-about aspect of youth ministry and the one with the biggest potential to make an impact in your community with almost no work on your part.

From: Youth Ministry Collective

"The “Moon Shot” Calling of the Wesleyan Movement in the 21st Century"

As Wesleyans we must remember that our goal is nothing less than the renewal and growth of a global Wesleyan movement, resulting in a sustained Great Awakening, stimulating dozens of new Christian movements in the 21st century and beyond. That’s what we are aiming for. That is what Asbury Theological Seminary is committed to. I believe that Asbury is uniquely positioned with the people, the resources, and the national and global footprint to foster such a grand vision.

From: Timothy Tennent

"Divergent: Discerning Dystopia"

Dystopian young adult fiction is not my preferred genre for leisure reading...However, having recently committed to helping a middle schooler with a literature project, I’ve fallen headlong into Victoria Roth’s “Divergent” trilogy...Rather than diagnose the sociological factors contributing to the proliferation of this genre, I offer these observations from the perspective of one whose more serious reading includes the writings of John Wesley and works on how Christians are formed theologically.

From: Wesleyan Accent

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