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Threshing Floor Podcast 041: Dr. Matthew Sleeth on Creation Care

Drew sits down with Dr. Matthew Sleeth and has a conversation about wants, the speed of life and what it means for a Christian to care about creation. Drew and Chad also have a conversation about the recent SCOTUS ruling over marriage, we talk about favorite hangouts and why #nicholasvillerocks.

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The Disciples Dilemma: When Knowledge Gets in the Way of Knowing

Parables created a context where truth could be revealed and experienced rather than merely learned and controlled. The truth is, from way back then to the present day, nothing has changed except that we have the benefit of hindsight. Still, our hindsight is at best only knowledge about Jesus. The crux of the matter comes down to this question. Have we experienced the reality of the grace and love of God in Jesus Christ by the revelation of the Holy Spirit?

From: J. D. Walt

Whose Voice Are You Listening To?

As this man did, you will discover that God's Word will be fulfilled. Regardless of what others may offer, stay in tune to the words of Jesus. There may be delays, some disappointments, but the promises of God will come to pass. The key is, whose voice are you listening to?

From: Wesleyan Accent

Patriotism and the Kingdom of God: 2 Questions for Teens

Who are you? And, who do you follow? These are questions of identity and allegiance.

From: Youth Ministry Collective

Lincoln on Leaders

Two insights I gained recently from Lincoln’s life may well encourage you in your church planting endeavors. They have me.

From: Church Planter Collective

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