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Cartoons of Muhammad and the Gospel

Should Christians celebrate the creations of Western artists who depict the prophet Muhammad? In today's article, Kelly McCuaig suggests that in light of the gospel, and wholly congruent with the specific words of John Wesley, Christians have a much higher towards those we're supposed to reach with God's love.

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How Condemnation Works and Why it Loses.

This Gospel of mercy and grace empowers us to come before God with confidence and even boldness. This is not taking a casual approach to grace. It’s actually a quite serious approach to sin. Satan wants us to disqualify ourselves from grace, which can only lead to more and more sin and death. Jesus tells us because grace will not let us go, we must never let go of grace. The only way through sin is a deeper and more doggedly determined engagement of grace.

From: J. D. Walt

On Suicide: The Power of Having a Marathon Partner

In the marathon of life, we're all running the "first one," and it is filled with countless challenges, unknowns, and "walls" that seem insurmountable. Each of us desperately needs a community that will surround us, love us, encourage us, and remind us that we can do it, to just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

From: Soul Care Collective

Biblical Metaphors for Holiness

God is holy—which means loving, just, true, merciful, relational, sovereign, and wholly self-consistent in his character. So naturally, the Bible is full of holiness.A good way to understand holiness is to examine metaphors the Bible uses for holiness. Just as the Bible uses many images and emblems to show us what conversion is, or what the kingdom of God is, so also with holiness.

From: Howard Snyder

Annuals or Perennials: The Flash or the Long Haul?

It's the long haul relationships that provide the most fertile ground for the Holy Spirit's work. It's in those relationships of mutuality, where hopes and dreams can be shared, where experiences of faith can be expressed; it's in those relationships that the Holy Spirit works in its most powerful, life transforming ways for the long haul.

From: Kimberly Reisman

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