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A Good Reason for Lent is Hard to Find

Sometimes we celebrate something on a yearly basis, but never really know why or what the significance of the event actually is. Matthew Johnson discusses what Lent means, and why it is important to come face-to-face with our own mortality.

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Thank You, James: A Parting Gift From the Brother of Jesus

Though we be in remission or even completely cured, the cancer of sin can always come back. We need not live in fear of its return, but rather in awe of the ever-present, every-day mercy of God to uphold, preserve and protect us from its reach.

From: J.D. Walt

3 Low-Prep Foam Pool Noodle Games You Need to Try Now

Pool noodles are cheap, plentiful, and loads of fun. Aaron Buttery shares 3 fun pool noodle games you can play at your next youth group event. These games are so low-prep, you will love it!

From: Youth Ministry Collective

4 Things to Remember when Preaching with a Translator

Many churches reach populations they would never be able to reach without a translator. But, preaching with a translator is not without its challenges. Jim Genesse shares 4 very important things to remember when you are preaching with the assistance of a translator.

From: Preaching Collective

Four Ways to Understand Lent

Often, we celebrate the ebb and flow of the church calendar without really knowing what it means or why we do it. But, if we understand what our seasons mean and why we practice them, it can open up a whole new facet of vibrant faith for us. In today's post, Brian Rhea offers four ways for us to understand the concept of Lent.

From: Worship Design Collective

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