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What a Christian Millennial Woman Has to Say about Sex

Do we want our children growing up learning about sex from culture, or from the church? In today's article, Kensi Duszynski makes a compelling case for playing an active role in the sexual education of children and teenagers in the church, and promises to follow up with 7 positive messages about sex that kids need to hear.

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Why The Last Words May Be The Most Important Words

Wow! What a surprise ending. It’s unforgettable. John didn’t give any farewells or good wishes or thanks for reading or let me summarize my three points or a nice tear jerking antidote or anything of the sort.

From: J. D. Walt

Are we tired yet?

Carrying around a heavy heart is exhausting. Have you been there? Have you noticed that when we’re tired we make not-so-great decisions? We are more critical, and we can begin to blame others for what is really our own stuff? It isn’t moral failure or failing ministry; it’s exhaustion.

From: Youth Ministry Collective

How Church Planters Should Handle Conflict

Church planters will face conflict. The answer is not if, but when. God uses conflict to accomplish His purpose and plan for our lives and the church. The ultimate goal of conflict management should be to restore relationships not to destroy them.

From: Church Planter Collective

Ministry, Mississippi and Methodism

The Gospel is relevant; our task is to not to make it so, but to proclaim it with sensitive awareness and honesty about the culture in which we are set.

From: Wesleyan Accent

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