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What Are the Ten Commandments?

What are the ten commandments? In today's article, Timothy Tennent explains how the ten commandments are not simply a set of negative commands, they are a wonderful way for someone to understand the heart of the Law.

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The Orange Juice Concentrate Approach to Faith vs. Simply Orange

Then there’s the other kind of orange juice; the stuff like Simply Orange. Remember when that came on the market? The taste does not compare, nor does the price. Whenever I buy orange juice I’m looking for those three magic words on the label: Not From Concentrate. That’s another way of saying, “The Real Thing.”

From: J. D. Walt

Should We Have Kids Programs at Church?

Should we have kids' programs at church, or should they be a part of a corporate worship service on Sunday morning? Many churches have alternative worship services for children during the adults' worship service. Is this healthy for the children and for the congregation? Cathy Stonehouse discusses the relevance of having a truly corporate worship service that includes children.

From: Soul Care Collective

A Christian Conception of Markets: New Opportunities (Part 10 of 12)

Business is indeed a vehicle to make money (since most of us cannot describe the access to money like Forrest Gump: “One less thing”). However, businesses—and the larger marketplace that they operate within—are avenues of service to others.

From: Faith and Work Collective

Staring into Loss

Now that light has dawned, one cannot simply stand and look at a symbol of defeat and the past. New life has broken in and we are not allowed to just look; we are invited and commissioned to go and tell.

From: Wesleyan Accent

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