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Why the Public Reading of Scripture Matters

Why does the public reading of Scripture matter? Should it still be included in worship services? In today's video, Christine Parton Burkett shares how and why reading Scripture helps to form us into the people of God, and why the reading of Scripture should be done with care and excellence.

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Step 10: Give up the Quest for Middle Ground.

There is only one secure place to stand in this crazy world and that is “with me,” Jesus says. But if you are not actually “with me” then you are against me. If you are not building what I am building then you are tearing it down. There is no middle ground. This is really hard teaching. It is so seductive to think we can live in this mushy, moderate, middle place.

From: J. D. Walt

Got Peeps?

Do you have peeps? No, not the candy, although slightly stale yellow peeps are pretty amazing, but friends. Not friends under 18, not the intern, not assistants, not your spouse (although I would hope you are friends with your spouse) but I’m talking about real, honest, “not in your ministry” friends that do life with you.

From: Youth Ministry Collective

The Hope of our Dust and Ashes: Lent as Preparation for Easter and Resurrection

I was standing there watching people come forward who have become cherished family members to me, and I was dipping my thumb in this glass bowl of pitch black ashes—a symbol not only of penitence, but of mortality. I was making the sign of the cross on their foreheads. Some of them were weeping, but with all of them, the sense of heaviness was as palpable as the deep, familial love we shared.

From: Soul Care Collective

Hidden Heroes: The Anti-Hero Hero

And when you’re on death row, you’re not really concerned with trivial pursuits, are you? Paul wasn’t dwelling on trivialities; he was dialed into eternities. That’s why it was particularly devastating for Demas to desert him. Because look at what Demas did: he loved this present world – its comfort, safety, and reputation – and in so doing ignored the next one.

From: Wesleyan Accent

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