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John Wesley’s Radical Synthesis

"Synthesis" and "Radical" aren't two words you'd expect to go together. Synthesis often means bland, middle-of-the road. Radical often means far out, extreme, fringe, crazy. But Howard Snyder argues that John Wesley exemplified both in a way that is unprecedented in the history of the Christian Church.

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"The Gospel According to Jeffrey Dahmer"

Paul tested the limits of grace for the early Church like no other. Back to our analogy, imagine Osama Bin Laden, newly converted as a Christian, showing up in a local church in New York City where many of the family members of the 9.11 tragedy worshiped. How might those people feel about the former terrorist? It sounds like a Springer show gone bad to me.

From: J. D. Walt

"Michael Smith ~ God and Dog"

All great Trinitarian theology includes the concept of the sacrifice of self. Each person of the Trinity looks and submits to the other in the mystery of who God is. We are called to share in the same self-sacrifice. Different relationships can teach us how to do so. Often preachers use marriage as a reminder of self-sacrifice. What is our message to those who are single?

From: Wesleyan Accent

"Live Dead Africa"

My prayer for my own life is that I will ask God to help me to live dead. I need to live dead every day that I might fulfill God’s calling in my own life. May that be the prayer of the whole church as it brings the whole gospel to the whole world.

From: Timothy Tennent

"Parable of the Baby"

“Whenever a baby is born, the parents should plant two more trees to produce oxygen for the baby to breathe. Many times, however, they cut down two trees to make a larger house or a bed for the baby. What is more important: to have a big house or to have oxygen to breathe?”

From: Howard Snyder

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