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Responding to the Kingdom: Belief and Unbelief

God calls his people to be sowers of the Word and vigilant in faithfulness. Read more today from Brian Russell as he explains the appropriate response to the kingdom of God, which is partnering with God for an abundant harvest.

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The Problem with the Rules. . . or the Possibilities

In the game of gotcha it’s all about the rules and keeping the letter of the law and covering your rear and being ready to justify your actions. It’s a horrible way to live. No one thinks about the mission anymore; only appeasing the boss or the spouse or the god. This is how legalism works. The law is wielded as a sword.

From: J. D. Walt

Jesus, Justice and Race

Too often, we see people misusing the Word of God to suit their own agendas. What does Jesus really have to say about justice and race? Dr. Craig Keener explains his journey of exploration through Scripture and what he found there in terms of racial reconciliation.

From: Soul Care Collective

Live Free!

Through Christ, we have been set free. Think about what it means not just to be free but also to live in freedom. It is possible to be free but to still live as if you aren’t...

From: Wesleyan Accent

Patriotism and the Kingdom of God: 2 Questions for Teens

Who are you? And, who do you follow? These are questions of identity and allegiance.

From: Youth Ministry Collective

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