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How to Survive Coming Home from the Mission Field

Transitioning back to your sending culture can be a difficult experience for missionaries. In today's article, Betsy Phillips shares 4 ways how to survive coming home from the mission field, and how to make it easier both on the missionary and the sending church.

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#GrowWise. Think You Are Wise? Better Think Again

One of the properties of true wisdom is it is not conscious of itself. It makes sense then that the one who possesses it is not conscious of possessing it. What if, in fact, we don’t “possess” wisdom? What if wisdom possesses us? Maybe that’s the big deception– that we can somehow “possess” wisdom.

From: J. D. Walt

The Secret of Church Planting (Part 1)

Before I graduated from seminary, I knew I wanted to plant a church. I wasn’t just called to it. I wanted it. When they finally set me free to live my dream and ambition, I set off like a person on fire. After about a month, I discovered that in my quest to build something great, I’d left God to the side.

From: Church Planter Collective

Empowered Leadership for Any Context

Today’s leaders are called upon to achieve difficult outcomes. This demanding environment has caused organizations to look for ways to get more from their leaders and employees. Researchers are linking various theories with empowerment. There are five principles of leadership empowerment that can be gleaned from Acts 2.

From: Faith and Work Collective

Hidden Heroes: The AWOL Hero

I think of how easy it would have been for Onesimus to lurk in the shadows of the church even after his conversion, to stay detached, uninvolved, excluded, to be and get what he deserved. And get this: it would have been so tempting to use his past and use his failure as an excuse. They won’t accept me. I’m AWOL and a thief.

From: Wesleyan Accent

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