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4 Signs You Will Fail Seminary

Spring is the opportune time to prayerfully reflect on your journey through seminary. If it's your first year, do any of the following resonate with you? In today's post, Ty Konopinksi shares 4 signs that you will fail seminary, even if you pull off a great GPA.

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Step 41: My Two Cents Worth?

It’s easy for a wealthy community leader to put in a fraction of a fraction of their wealth into the offering plate while having no idea that it costs the most impoverished among them everything they have to even participate. It gets really interesting when on the heels of this story, Jesus’ disciples start pointing out the extravagance of the Temple decor.

From: J. D. Walt

Online Event Registration (Episode 19)

As everything is becoming more digital the Collective sits down to talk about the online registration and payment services they use to help simplify events. Enjoy episode 19 of the podcast!

From: Youth Ministry Collective

Dwight Gibson Interview (Part II): Methodism

For Methodist pastors today serving local congregations—and this of course would go for any pastor—what are some ways they can honor the work, the ministries, of people in their congregations? Dwight Gibson discusses in this interview with Kevin Kinghorn.

From: Faith and Work Collective

Humility. Unity. Worship.

But it would seem that one of the Holy Spirit's favorite ways to work is by doing remarkable things through shared humility. And by birthing unity through Spirit-infused shared humility.

From: Wesleyan Accent

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