11 Articles You May Have Missed This Week

11 Articles You May Have Missed This Week

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Every week we have over a dozen fresh articles coming from all of our collectives. Here are 11 from this past week that we want to make sure you didn’t miss. Oh, and—we’ve got a Preaching Collective, Worship Design Collective, and Apologetics Collective—all coming to you shortly!

Youth Ministry Collective

1) How to Leave a Church Without Hurting Students

It happens to the best of us sooner or later. Sometimes it is our decision made willingly, other times forces and circumstances beyond our control propel us. I am, of course, talking about leaving. Your leaving will be stressful for the youth. If you care about them, do what you can to minimize this stress.

2) Chair Foosball

Chair Foosball is a great last minute game or it is a good game for those rainy summer days at camp when you need to keep the students busy.  This game has no set up and our students have a blast playing it!

3) Elephant Proverbs for Youth Ministry

I recently read an essay from a United Methodist Bishop in which he used an African proverb involving elephants to speak deep truth into a difficult situation.  It began an expedition to explore some more of these proverbs and how much wisdom they provided for youth ministry in the 21st century.

Soul Care Collective

4) Are You a Human Being, Human Doing, or Human Meeting?

Are you a human being, or are you a human doing? What about a human meeting? Duke Walker shares his thoughts on loving and being loved in Christ in the context of community, and how this more accurately reflects the Trinity.

5) 7 Resources for Keeping Kids Safe from Sexual Abuse

We live in an time when media attention raises awareness (and also fear) of childhood sexual abuse. With all the danger we see, how in the world can we keep our children safe? Kathy Milans shares wisdom and tangible resources that will help you keep the children in your life more safe from sexual predators.

6) What Student Loans Taught Me About Forgiveness

We are always told that we need to be forgiving. What in the world is forgiveness anyway? Patricia Taylor shares what she has learned about what forgiveness is, what it isn’t, and how it works.

Church Planter Collective

7) 7 Areas All Church Planters Must Guard

I remember once hearing Os Guiness say, ”Whenever I meet a Buddhist leader, I meet a holy man. Whenever I meet a Christian leader, I meet a manager.” It struck me that church planters sometimes let down their guard in the rush to get the new church off the ground. Here are the 7 areas we cannot afford to let go.

8) Top Ten Things Satan Wants You To Believe About New Church Starts

Carolyn Moore provides a list of 10 lies that Satan wants you to be believe about church planters. The one thing the enemy wants you to believe above all else: He is not a threat.

Wesleyan Accent

9) Race: The Newest Old Issue Confronting American Christian Life

What he and I understand is that we are the Church–one, holy, apostolic, and universal–and our witness demands that we live in these intentional, uncomfortable relationships and lead the difficult conversations about the race problem.

10) Over the End of the World

Creation, time, space, love, truth, goodness, and beauty are not afterthoughts in God’s plan to save the world. Each plays an intricate role in that plan. Each contributes something the overall whole of the gospel. Each reminds us of God’s good intentions for his world and the inhabitants thereof.

11) Keep on Moving: Perfect in Love

What is the point of our faith? What are we after? What are we doing? We are seeking, by his grace, to be more like God. And what is God? Holy and Love.


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