12 Collective Posts You Missed Last Week 3/19/16

12 Collective Posts You Missed Last Week 3/19/16

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Soul Care Collective

What to Remember When All Hope Seems Lost
Is the saying, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” really true? Patricia Taylor tells us about a stubborn, crazy little plant that refused to give in to winter’s cold and what it taught her about God’s hand of provision when all hope seems lost.

The Desperate Cry of Hosanna
Typically, we shout Hosanna in a celebratory way while our sweet children wave palm branches on Palm Sunday. But, Hosanna is not always a joyful cry. Keith Turner shares the meaning of the word Hosanna and what it means as a cry of desperation: “Lord, save now!”

The Weekly Breather: The Last Supper
Stop. Breathe. Be. God has something to speak into your soul. We invite you to take a moment and focus on what God has to say and what might be stirring in your spirit as you contemplate the stained glass work of Jacques Le Breton.

Worship Design Collective

What are Buildings For?
What is the purpose of a building? Justin Morgan shares what happened when they used their church building in a way they had never used it before.

Singing the Psalms Part II: How to Sing the Psalms
So, you’ve been convinced that singing the Psalms would be a good thing for your congregation. Now, how in the world do you actually do it? Patrick Bourckel shares five practical ways to sing the Psalms.

Timing: Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That
In everyday life, timing can make all the difference in the world. The same is true for worship leading. Mark Benjamin offers wisdom on making sure you keep time consistently during worship

Youth Ministry Collective

Bullseyes and Dirty Hands: a Free Lesson in First John
Having trouble explaining the concept of sin in your youth group? Scott Meier provides an easy, free lesson from 1 John that will help your youth better understand the concepts of sin and forgiveness.

Crash Course on Social Media Apps Teens Use
Are you concerned about your youth’s technology usage, but unsure of how to navigate all the different apps? Scott Meier gives us a crash course on some of the more popular and insidious social media apps teens use and points to a few more that may warrant a closer look.

Build-a-Wookie Hilarious Team Game
Youth Ministry Collective is back with a hilarious game that all your Star Wars fans will enjoy! Jeremy Steele presents the newest game, Build-a-Wookie!

Preaching Collective

Preaching on Maundy Thursday: A Visual Approach
Do you wish your congregation would remember your sermon longer than the time it takes to get through the line and shake your hand? Leanne Hadley explains how taking a visual approach to your sermon will help your congregation retain it.

Preaching Rhythms
Want an inside peek into the felt journey of preaching, from Scripture and topic selection to delivering the Word to a congregation? Aaron Perry shares the rhythms of preaching as he walks through his preparation, birthing and delivery each week.

The Case for Holy Saturday
Bob Kaylor shares that Holy Saturday is a day for us to remember those who have died, recognizing the pain of death that separates us. But we do so, always, with an eye toward Sunday and the promise of life!


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