12 Collective Posts You Missed Last Week 3/26/16

12 Collective Posts You Missed Last Week 3/26/16

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The Weekly Breather: Good Friday
What’s so good about Good Friday? Well, we actually get the term because the word ‘good’ used to mean ‘holy.’ So, on this holy day, let us sit and welcome the dark place of Golgotha.

Sometimes It’s Hard to Listen
In some confession liturgies, the congregation asks forgiveness because “we have not heard the cry of the needy.” But, sometimes it can be really hard to listen. Karen Vine shares her experience of finding listening difficult.

Youth Bands 101: Selecting and Recruiting or Hiring Musicians
You have an event, and you want to recruit or hire someone from outside your youth group to play music or lead worship. Eddie Erwin has advice that will take the guesswork out of the process and help you be successful in choosing and supporting a band.

Nails, Contracts and Atonement: a Free Lesson in First John
Nails, contracts, and atonement: Scott Meier offers another free youth group lesson on First John.

5 Tips to Survive Preaching During an Election Year
Preaching during an election year can be a dangerous undertaking. Leanne Hadley shares 5 helpful tips to keep your pastoral sanity through the election season.

“He Became Sin:” Fleming Rutledge on the Crucifixion
“Why did he do that?” Why did Jesus die? It’s a question that Christians, scholars, and theologians have wrestled with since the first century. Bob Kaylor explains that perhaps the bigger question about the crucifixion is this: Why did he have to die in this way?

A Theology of Recycling
We have all been taught good reasons why recycling is important to the environment. But, could it actually be important to our theology? In today’s post, Kevin Kinghorn discusses the spiritual implications of recycling.

Trust and Obey, Even in Macroeconomics?
The words to John H. Sammis’ hymn have been repeated by many lips over the decades. We often know to apply them to our personal lives. Kevin Kinghorn suggests that we must also apply these words to the way we consider the economic principles under which we live.

What is Your Return on Investment in Worship Planning?
No matter what we are doing, we only have a set amount of resources to spend. Kristen Pence explains how crucial analyzing your return on investment can be when determining how you will spend time, energy, and other assets in worship planning.

Small Voice, Big City: Gospel Wisdom on City Streets
Believing and acting this way requires audacious faith—faith that can be enlivened and nurtured only in vital communities of Jesus followers who live out the Jesus Good News in the cities of the world.

Why “The Meek” May Not Be Who We Think
Meekness is the strength of the Holy Spirit at work in the world through humble people. It is strength in reserve. Read more from J. D. Walt as he shares profound insight from our Daily Text.

Good Friday Reflection
No one has ever seen love like this before. No one has ever heard words like this before. But, God knows that we will never learn to hate our sins enough to leave them. Timothy Tennent writes up a reflection on Good Friday at his blog.


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