12 Seedbed Collectives Posts You May Have Missed This Week

12 Seedbed Collectives Posts You May Have Missed This Week

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Worship Design Collective

1) Discipling the Imagination: Worship Leading as Aesthetic Stewardship

As worship leaders, we have a unique burden and opportunity in our churches. The same task is before us: to re-present God and the Good News in a way that our people can understand and respond to.

2) Letting the Little Children Come: The Children’s Sermon

When we invite children to come forward, our worship forms a window into heaven; we embrace children the way our Lord embraced them. And, on top of that, it gives us an easy opportunity to teach the stories of Scripture in this age of increasing biblical illiteracy.

3) The Importance of Intergenerational Worship

While there is great value in offering ministries that are geared toward reaching and discipling people with age-appropriate tactics, the importance of intergenerational worship cannot be understated. The corporate worship gathering of the church should be the place where we collectively gather and respond to the invitation of God—to encounter His revelation.

Youth Ministry Collective

1) Youth Interns: Is Your Church Following the Law?

In every church I have served, there has been at least one youth who has worked for the church as an intern. Unfortunately, many churches do not understand the dynamics of this relationship or the legal obligations it brings. The consequences of not following the law are substantial; so, listen up!

2) 4 Ways to Utilize Instagram at your Next Event

Of all the social media options our students use, I like Instagram the best! Photos and comments are great, and so is the mass number of students who use it in my area (more than Twitter), but it’s public nature makes it my number one choice. Your student ministry can use Instagram to announce events, play games, or engage in a teaching.

3) Glow in the Dark

Picture this. You walk into a dark room. Strobe lights are flashing. Black lights are glowing. The music is loud. And everyone around you is glowing with bright colors! Green, pink, yellow, white, blue. The colors are bouncing up and down with the rhythm of the music. Welcome to GLOW IN THE DARK. This was the best retreat I’ve ever been a part of. Let me take you step by step.

Soul Care Collective

1) Legacy of Faith: Dr. Don Demaray

Today, we interrupt our regularly scheduled weekly breather to honor one who has paved the way for many to be saved, many to be healed, and many to be discipled. In light of Sunday being All Saints’ Day, we would like to take a moment and tell you about one of those saints. With this post, we begin our Legacy of Faith series.

2) Micah’s Story

October is infant and pregnancy loss awareness month. Our prayers are with all those who are grieving the loss of a child at any stage. Rachel Paddock shares an intimate look into the life and loss of her unborn child, Micah.

3) Struggling Through a Distorted Image of God

How does a person end up with a distorted image of God? Heather Celoria offers wisdom regarding how one might end up with distorted images of God and the difference between leading and controlling.

Preaching Collective

1) Called to Be Saints: Preaching On All Saints Day

All Saints Day is celebrated in many of our churches as a time to honor those members who have died during the previous year. But, it can also be a good opportunity to re-emphasize a theology of holiness.

2) Give Peace A Chance: A Sermon After Charleston

Give peace a chance, for God will separate the right from the wrong, the wheat from the tares, the sheep from the goats, and good from evil! God will make our enemies our footstool! God will prepare a table in the presence of our enemies! God will fix it so that “no weapon formed against us will prevail” (Isaiah 54:17).

3) Same Sermon, Different Service

For many congregations, the same preacher will be presenting the same sermon in all of the various venues. I actually think it is great fun to be a part of all of the service styles, but it is no easy task to shift gears from service to service and sometimes from setting to setting.


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