12 Seedbed Collectives Posts You May Have Missed This Week 11/28

12 Seedbed Collectives Posts You May Have Missed This Week 11/28

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Worship Design Collective

1) Changing the Rhythm of Communion

Every church has its own unique liturgy and rhythm. Emily Barlow shares wisdom about how changing the rhythm for a season can draw out the meaning that we may be missing out of habitual blindness.

2) Finding Your Voice

How can you find your own unique voice as a worship leader? Branden Petersen shares tried and true methods for coming into your own in the music world and in leading worship.

3) Was Blended Worship Ahead of Its Time?

Was blended worship just ahead of its time? Justin Morgan shares his own congregation’s journey through blending their worship and how it has worked out for them to go from war to love feast.

Youth Ministry Collective

1) The Beginning and End of Mentoring Teens

It is hard to find a person you can trust and share your life with. It is even harder to say goodbye to that person. Paul Sheneman shares wisdom about beginning and ending a mentoring relationship.

2) Wesleyan Advent Devotions for Teens (Episode 49)

Get recommendations on good devotions for teens during the advent season. Click here to subscribe via iTunes.

3) Helping Students Deal with the Loss of a Peer

Grief is incredibly hard. How can you help students through the loss of a peer? Chasity Opphile offers wisdom on how to help students cope with loss and how to encourage them to grieve well.

Soul Care Collective

1) The Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

What about those times when literally everything goes wrong? Is it possible to maintain gratitude for something when it seems like there isn’t much to be thankful for? Marilyn Elliott shares a time when her Thanksgiving Dinner did not turn out quite as planned and the hilarious lesson she learned about gratitude.

2) 6 Ways to Keep an Attitude of Gratitude

How do we keep an attitude of gratitude even in the midst of changing circumstances? Kathy Milans shares 6 helpful tips for helping your heart continue to give thanks.

3) What the Church Needs is the Em-Body-Ment of Holiness

We don’t often talk about our bodies in terms of spirituality…or do we? Dr. Stephen Stratton shares wisdom on how we talk about our bodies and why it matters.

Preaching Collective

1) Happy Thanksgiving from the Preaching Collective

The first Sunday of Advent is nearly here and the chaos of Christmas Eve is on the near horizon. Before it all begins, I pray that your Thanksgiving celebration fills you up in more ways than one. Blessings to you and yours from all of us at the Preaching Collective!

2) Preaching for Racial Reconciliation: A Challenge

Racial reconciliation is a sensitive topic that absolutely must be discussed. Antoni Sinkfield challenges us to proclaim from the pulpit what Jesus would have us do regarding racial relations and reconciliation.

3) Organic Wesley: A Review

Why does the food industry matter to us as Christians? Jane Riecke reviews the book, The Organic Wesley, by Bill Guerrant.


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