12 Seedbed Collectives Posts You May Have Missed This Week 12/26

12 Seedbed Collectives Posts You May Have Missed This Week 12/26

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Worship Design Collective

1) A Hymn for Christmas Eve

What is your tradition for Christmas that helps you draw near to the birth of our Savior? Matt Sigler shares a hymn that has come to hold special meaning for him at Christmas.

2) The Table in the Stable: Celebrating Holy Communion at Christmas

What does Communion have to do with Christmas? Brian Rhea talks about the Communion table in the stable, and how the Lord’s table informs the Lord’s birth.

3) Worship in the Waiting

This is a fast-paced, immediate gratification culture. We do not like to wait. But, the Lord often asks us to do just that. Jenn Petersen writes about worshiping in the waiting.

Youth Ministry Collective

1) How do we Glorify God? (Free Lesson)

How do we glorify God? Enjoy this free lesson about light and kaleidoscopes from Chasity Opphile.

2) What does it Mean to Glorify God? (Free Lesson)

We all use church language, but often, we find that we don’t know what it actually means. What does it mean to glorify God? Chasity Opphile shares a great small group lesson on the subject.

3) Worship Bands for the Non-Musical Youth Pastor

How can you help your youth group develop a worship band when you’re not exactly the most musical youth pastor who ever lived? Caroline Hare has some great suggestions to help get you started in the right direction!

Soul Care Collective

1) Is It Okay If I Cry on Christmas? A Special Weekly Breather

Do you feel isolated by sadness this holiday season? Maybe this article is for you. The Soul Care Collective offers a Weekly Breather exercise for those whose hearts feel sorrow this Christmas.

2) Why Advent is the Key to Redeeming Christmas

Every year, we hear people crying out for Christmas to be redeemed from our culture. Perhaps you have found yourself adding your voice to that cry. There is something in us all that aches for a real experience of true hope. Patricia Taylor shares why Advent is the key to redeeming Christmas and helping us all to experience the true hope our Savior brings.

3) Walking out of the Shadow of Shame

Most of us deal with shame of some kind. Aaron Reynolds boldly and courageously has walked out from under the shame he has lived with, and he challenges you to walk into the light with him.

Preaching Collective

1) Singing the Angel’s Song: A Message for Christmas Eve

What would Christmas be without the angels? Jane Riecke shares insight on the message of the angels, and how it meets us at our point of need today.

2) Watch Night Services in the African American Church

What is a Watch Night service, and how did they start? Antoni Sinkfield explains how Watch Night services got started and what a pivotal role they play in the life of African American congregations.

3) No Stale Preaching for Christmas: 6 Ideas to Freshen the Message

Tired of the same old Christmas sermons you’ve heard year after year? Let Steve Dunmire help you spice it up this year with these 6 helpful ideas!


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