The 19th Century Methodist Prophet You Didn't Know About


Listen in as Andy Miller, Director of Publishing for Seedbed, shares about an obscure 19th century Methodist prophet whose passion for holiness sprang from the pages of this powerful text.

By the time Tongue of Fire was first published in 1856, the once strong Methodist movement in Great Britain was slowly declining into a “form of religion without the power,” as John Wesley feared it would. Now an established denominational body, it bared more resemblance to the tired Church of England than the spirit-fired movement which defined the first Methodists.

Born in 1819, William Arthur was one of a rising generation Wesleyan leaders who saw that the Holy Spirit, who had so mightily breathed life into the movement, was being slowly omitted from Methodist preaching and practice. His Tongue of Fire or the True Power of Christianity is, in essence, a manifesto inviting Methodists to again recover their birthright as an Apostolic movement living in the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

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Andrew B. Miller is Seedbed’s Director of Publishing, based out of Seedbed’s operational offices in Franklin, Tennessee. He is a life-long Methodist and feels called, in part, to a ministry of recovering primitive Christian published works and early spiritual practices through the reintroduction of timeless Arminian-Wesleyan truth in contemporary media formats.