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Day: January 24, 2012

N.T. Wright on Baptism

Renowned Author and speaker N.T. Wright sits down with Maxie Dunnam, Ben Witherington III, and J.D. Walt to talk about his view on baptism. In the final installment of this four part series, Wright lays out a thought-provoking narrative of baptism that is rooted in Exodus and echoed through Romans.

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Why SOPA and PIPA Should Matter to the Church

A Congressional vote that was scheduled for today for PIPA was cancelled following last week’s online protests. The technology sector has been abuzz with passionate discussion explaining the many problems with SOPA and PIPA, but how will this affect the church, parachurch, and non-profit organizations?

This question was raised in the comments after Seedbed wrote the article Websites “Blackout” to Protest SOPA and PIPA. The ramifications to this legislation are far reaching, and will affect churches in a variety of ways. These bills are lengthy and I highly encourage our readers before continuing to read over our summary found within the aforementioned article.

Already an Established Precedent for Action Against Churches

The idea that churches should be able to circumvent copyright laws was challenged in 2007 when the National Football League cracked down on Fall Creek Baptist Church for hosting a Super Bowl Party. Though the NFL has rescinded from their aggressive stance, […]

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