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Day: March 30, 2012

Cremation or Burial? Book Gives Global Perspective

Christians in the United States don’t give much thought to the idea of cremation versus burial. However, in other parts of the world this issue is a point of contention for Christians. Particularly for Christians in India. That’s why Arun K. Paul wrote Cremation and Burial in the Context of Christianity in India. In an interview, Paul shared more about his book and the difficulties of the burial tradition in India.

Can you explain more about the issue of cremation versus burial for Indians?

So strong are the feelings in India concerning burial versus cremation that for many, what practice one has, is equated with one’s religious identity. However, the Christian burial tradition has discredited Indian Christians from wielding an authentic Indian Christian identity. Burial stands out as an imported ritual to the Indian culture. Burying the dead is taboo for the Hindus. Social pressure, scarcity of land, uncooperative neighborhoods, and biased […]

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Letter from the Editor

We are starting an exciting new series tomorrow that runs through Easter in honor of Holy Week. Read this letter to see what’s coming up on the Feed!

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March 30: Psalm 122

March 30: Psalm 122 Psalm of Ascent as pilgrims journey up to Jerusalem 87.87.877                                   CWM Rhonda (Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah) I was glad to hear them saying, “To the Lord’s house let us

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