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Day: July 2, 2014

Tammie Grimm ~ By Attending on the Ordinances of God

Wesley’s Third General Rule grounds us in Christian witness and faith. The ordinances of God are the fundamentals of how we get initiated into faith. Repetitive practice and exposer to prayer, worship, Scripture reading and study, Eucharist and even discovery of the lost discipline of fasting help mature us as Christian disciples. By participating in these uniquely Christian practices, we are made available to God’s grace that aids us in knowing how and when to avoid harm and do good. By attending on all the ordinances of God, we open ourselves to divine presence in our lives. Through these practices, we remember the past and look towards a future with hope illuminated by God’s grace.

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The Gospel and Economic Change

In a world of vast economic change, can the gospel inform our vision and practice of work and the economy? Using the Wesleyan movement as an example, Dr. Greg Forster of Acton University discusses how the gospel can lead to positive impact on the economy and on community’s lives.

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Creation Stations

The first impression we get of the character of God is in the creation passages in Genesis. God is a brilliant creator! One way we experience this creator God is by trying to become more like Him.

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