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Day: September 29, 2014

8 Must-Haves of Youth Ministry

Underneath all the stuff, there are some basic fundamentals that all youth ministries must have. We get busy and focused on what we think we need to succeed and forget the basics. How are you doing with these musts of youth ministry? What are you missing and what would you add?

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Jerry Walls ~ The Sovereignty of God

The sovereignty of God is a vitally important truth Wesleyans badly need to recover. This is not only because it is crucial for understanding the biblical drama, but also because many Wesleyans have tended to neglect it because Calvinists often give the impression that it is one of their distinctive doctrines. But the sovereignty of God is not a Calvinist doctrine, it is a biblical doctrine, and no one who wants to be faithful to Scripture can afford to ignore or downplay this great truth.

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The Every Day Art of Listening

Do you remember the last time you heard the voice of Jesus? Maybe it was two minutes ago or maybe you are not actually sure if you ever have. Hearing God can seem out of reach for many because it has sometimes been seen as mysterious or reserved for mystics and the exceptionally spiritual. Heather Celoria shares why it doesn’t have to be this way.

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