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Day: March 5, 2015

Build Your Own Youth Trip

There are numerous companies that have wonderful experiences that your group just can’t attend. By planning your own trip you can save a lot of money so more students can attend and it allows you to know what content the students will be learning. Here are five simple steps to planning any youth trip.

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Church People Derail Church Planting

One of the principal motivations for planting new churches is to reach people no one else is reaching. In my opinion, that is the only reason to plant new churches. Admittedly, people who love unchurched people will want to join a church planter in the adventure, but beware of church people because they will derail your church plant.

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Tammie Grimm ~ Warming the Soul with Celtic Traditions

Celtic saints became saints because the community in which they lived recognized their life of holiness and relationship to God. Perhaps one reason there are so many Celtic saints is because they saw no separation between what was secular and religious – all of life was sacred, and therefore consecrated to God. It was intertwined, much like the famous knotwork still popular today.

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