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Day: May 5, 2015

Family Ministry (A Resemble review)

Resemble: Do You Follow Jesus?, the new youth ministry resource from Seedbed is focused on helping you make huge strides in one of the most fruitful (and most often neglected) area of youth ministry: Family Ministry.

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There are Five Kinds of Churches (and 5 Kinds of People)

As pastors, we often get to hear people’s faith and lack of faith stories and their church and why-they-don’t-go-to-church-stories. Over my 13 years of leading The Orchard and walking with notorious sinners and other scum, I have come to the conclusion that there are five kinds of churches and I am beginning to think five kinds of Christians as they relate to outsiders.

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Cartoons of Muhammad and the Gospel

Should Christians celebrate the creations of Western artists who depict the prophet Muhammad? In today’s article, Kelly McCuaig suggests that in light of the gospel, and wholly congruent with the specific words of John Wesley, Christians have a much higher towards those we’re supposed to reach with God’s love.

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