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Day: August 10, 2015

Danny E. Morris ~ How Do You Feel About God's Will?

God’s will is absolutely the best that can happen to us under any circumstance. Cooperating with God doesn’t produce hardship, but harmony. God’s will is not intended to cause problems but to produce power that cannot come to us outside of God’s will.

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Why Donald Trump Should Not Apologize

Everybody was appalled at Donald Trump’s reaction to Fox News’ journalist Megyn Kelly as she did her job: posing hard questions that draw out a candidate’s real positions. When his peeved resentment grew into an

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The Anatomy of a Prayer: Using the Collect in Worship

There are many ways we can speak the language of prayer in our gathered worship. I believe that all of these methods of prayer in worship have value, but I’d like to highlight a specific form of prayer – the collect – as a model and method for how we can pray together.

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