3 Tips for Making a Difference with the Ice Bucket Video

3 Tips for Making a Difference with the Ice Bucket Video

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Is the ice bucket thing dumb?  That is the dividing line here, right?  This thing seems to have passed being viral to being an all-out epidemic.  Instead of groaning about receiving the 1,000th challenge from a youth with their parent holding a bucket behind them and their little brother running in the background, use it.  Here are three tips for making a difference with the Ice Bucket Video.

1. Respect the ALS – Whether or not the student who challenged you knows what ALS is the reality it is a very real problem and not cool for people.  Don’t starts your video by saying “this thing is dumb… let me tell you what matters.”  Go ahead and raise some money for them.

2. Don’t use it to get out of raising money.  It is kind of ironic that at least one main version of the meme is around people doing the video to get out of giving money, but you can take it to the next level.  Why not challenge your students to raise the $100 for ALS?  And then they can put the ice on you themselves in a week or two?

3. Rock it for your personal mission passion!  While ALS is important, there are other things Like ISIS and Ebola that deserve attention as well.  Take the whole thing to the next level by adding a volunteer or other staff person (senior pastor?) into the mix and let them know that if they donate some other amount of money to your other cause, they can dump the ice on their head as well!

Go forth and help this Ice Bucket meme fulfill “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done.”  Want an example of this?  We tried it with our team and put the video on youtube:


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