April 5, 2014

Psalm 120

I call on God in my distress
and He does answer me.
O save me, Lord, from lying lips
and tongues that speak deceit.

What will He do to you, O tongue,
Deceitful as you be?
He’ll punish you with arrows sharp
and coals of the broom tree.

O, woe to me, that I must dwell
in Meshech, Keder’s land!
Too long I’ve lived among the ones
who peace don’t understand.

For I am one who longs for peace,
But they do peace abhor.
When I speak of my heart for peace,
They only are for war.


As a Lenten practice, try singing the Psalm. After all, they were written to be sung. We’ll even provide you the musical accompaniment. CLICK HERE.

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