4 Non-negotiable Traits of a Worship Leader

4 Non-negotiable Traits of a Worship Leader

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What are some of the non-negotiable traits of the worship leader? In this video interview, Marva Dawn shares about the importance of a worship leader’s community, devotional life, Trinitarian orientation, and rehearsal.


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  1. Found your stuff through the seedebd article and I am finding it very helpful. I am working with a group of people exploring what class meetings would look like in our setting. Read all six of your blogs at Starbucks this afternoon, and will use it to help our meeting this evening.Most other information I have found is either heavy on the history with little or no 21st century application, or prepackaged campaigns or curricula that are more about information than transformation.Thank you for your work. I expect to purchase several copies of your book soon to share with my team, so we can grow in a similar understanding together.

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