Second Breakfast: XXXVIII

Second Breakfast: XXXVIII

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This morning we suggest reading the second chapter of Song of Songs to accompany Hudson’s commentary. 

Ah, how often the enemy succeeds, by one device or another, in tempting the believer away from that position of entire consecration to Christ in which alone the fullness of his power and of his love can be experienced. We say the fullness of his power and of his love; for he may not have ceased to love his Lord. In the passage before us (Psalm 45:10) the bride still loves him truly, though not wholly; there is still a power in his word which is not unfelt, though she no longer renders instant obedience. She little realizes how she wronging her Lord, and how real is the wall of separation between them.

To her, worldliness seems as but a little thing;  she has not realized the solemn truth of many passages in the word of God that speak in no measured terms of the folly, the danger, the sin of friendship with the world.

We have to take our choice: we cannot enjoy both the world and Christ. The bride had not learned this: she would fain enjoy both, with no thought of their incompatibility.

– J. Hudson Taylor, “Union and Communion” – A commentary on the Song of Songs


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