5 of the Best Wesleyan Podcasts


Podcasts are an incredibly powerful resource; there’s a whole world of free content just waiting to be downloaded for your edification. Podcasting is just another way the Internet has made the world a little bit smaller by giving anyone and everyone a voice.

Christians were quick to pick up on podcasting; it’s an easy and free way to distribute audio and video and today you can listen to and watch churches and seminaries all across the world from your computer. But you’ll quickly find that the iTunes store is crowded and if you are just now wading into the religion section, it’s hard to know where to begin. Let me offer some of what I have found to be the best Wesleyan podcasts.

The final destination that you need to check out is http://wesleyansermons.com/. Wesleyan Sermons is a resource from the Education & Ministry department of The Wesleyan Church, and is directed by Dr. Lenny Luchetti who serves as Assistant Professor of Proclamation and Christian Ministries at Wesley Seminary. You may remember Luchetti from his Seedbed short, Preaching in the Weselyan Tradition. 

P.S. If you are still confused about what podcasting is, here is a video from 2008 explaining it: http://youtu.be/qBgO30h2cY8


David Lyell is associate pastor at Westwood United Methodist Church and Photographer at Stephanie Lyell Photography.