A Stage Setting Psalm for the Eve of Holy Week

April 12, 2014

Psalm 110

The Lord has spoken to my Lord: “Sit here at My right hand,
Until I make Your foes a stool on which Your feet may stand.”
The Lord from Zion shall extend the scepter of Your pow’r:
“Rule all surrounding enemies, and be their conqueror.”

When You display Your mighty pow’r, Your people come to You;
At dawn, arrayed in holiness, Your youth appear like dew.
The Lord has sworn, and from His oath, He’ll never be released:
“Of th’order of Melchizedek, You’ll always be a priest.”

The Lord at Your right hand will strike earth’s rulers in His wrath.
Among the nations He will judge; The slain will fill His path.
In many lands He’ll crush their kings; His wrath will be their dread;
And from the wayside brook He’ll drink; In vict’ry lift His head.


Down through the ages of the Church, Song #110 has often been considered the crown jewel of the whole song book. From the ancient Trinitarian allusions to the order of Melchizedek to the final judgment, Song #110 is layered with messianic prophecies, now fulfilled by Jesus.

Speaking of Song #110, the great reformer, Martin Luther, called it “a well spring, — nay, a treasury of all Christian doctrines, understanding, wisdom, and comfort, richer and fuller than any other passage of Holy Writ.”

Of Song #110 Augustine said, “verbis brevis, sense infinitus,” short in words, but infinite in sense.

The Psalm tees up Holy Week quite nicely. It puts us in touch with “the joy set before us,” as we prepare to once again face the cross.

When you sing this one, remember, you are singing with Luther and Augustine and yes, Jesus.  CLICK HERE.

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