Sunday Best: A&F and Homelessness, Immigration, "Save Gosnell"


Check out,  “The Future Of Technology: What You Can Expect In The Next 50 Years.”

Dr. Medine Keener shares her immigration story.

Read about Calvinism and Women.

Dan Brown has just released a new novel, Inferno. How do you feel about him as an author?

On youth and their faith: here is one thing your daughter doesn’t need you to say.

In light of Abercrombie and Fitch’s recent controversy in the news, and the media’s response, here is a take on one definitive reaction.

Sojourners covers a story about families and immigration.

In one Canadian city, the recent death of a beloved town drunk has local cops in tears.

Gosnell has been convicted of murder. Now what? One person says, “save him.

Scot Mcknight writes about how Paul conceived of God as one while upholding Jesus as divine.


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