“All vocations are intended by God to manifest His love in the world.” – Thomas Merton

Many people spend most of their time in the marketplace, yet this arena remains insulated from Christian influence. Even as the majority of church attenders spend most of their time in the marketplace, pastors are often inadequately prepared to address marketplace issues.

​As faith and work integration resources are often limited, we desire to equip pastors, future pastors and laypersons to integrate the witness of the Christian faith into the marketplace by educating them in holistic discipleship. As Martin Luther stated, “God doesn’t need our good works, but our neighbor does.”

According to Lesslie Newbigin, “The preaching and teaching of the local church has to be such that it enables members to think out the problems that face them in their secular work in light of their Christian faith.” This blog is designed to provide resources to leaders that will encourage them to mobilize ​congregations and communities in the integration of faith with work and economics that witnesses to God’s purposes in word and deed to every society.

Quotes from Work Matters by Tom Nelson

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