Wesleyan Accent is a web-based ministry working in partnership with Christ United Methodist Church (Memphis, TN) and Seedbed.com. WA provides free and subscription resources for Christian spiritual formation, catechesis, and discipleship in the Wesleyan way. By clearly articulating the Wesleyan understanding of Christian faith, Wesleyan Accent seeks to strengthen discipleship, empower mission and evangelism, cultivate ministry gifts of young leaders, and nurture the professional and service life of young theologians.

Free resources include blogs, sermons, articles, book reviews, and videos from leading voices in the Wesleyan family.

Discipleship in the Wesleyan Way is the subscription portion of Wesleyan Accent. Individuals and churches may purchase annual subscriptions, which provide access to an extensive library of small group lessons on all aspects of Christian theology. Additionally, DWW supports discipleship and small group development by providing resources for both leaders and participants through its platform of customizable curriculum planning and private group portals for ongoing communication and additional resourcing.

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