April 3: Psalm 140

April 3: Psalm 140

Save me from evil ones, O Lord

Common Meter 86.86                               Morning Song, p. 30
Kingsfold, p. 60
Langloffan, p. 69

From men of greed and violence, O Lord, my soul release;

They evil in their hearts devise, and wars they would increase.

As keen as any serpent’s fangs so sharp their tongues they make,

And underneath their lips there hides the venom of a snake.

Guard me from men of violence, O Lord, from lawless force;

Their purpose is to bring me down, to overthrow my course.

The proud hid traps and cords for me; they have a secret net

Along the wayside spread for me, and snares for me they set.

But I have said unto the Lord, “In truth my God art Thou.”

Jehovah, hear my voice when I in supplication bow.

My Lord Jehovah is for me salvation’s strength and stay;

He is the cover for my head when comes the battle day.

Grant not, O Lord, that wicked men see their desire draw nigh.

And do not help them in their plots to lift themselves on high.

As for the head of all those men who have surrounded me,

By all the mischief of their lips let them now covered be.

Let burning coals upon them fall; to flames let them be cast,

And into deepest pits from which they cannot rise at last.

Let not the slanderer on earth enjoy security;

Let evil hunt the violent and smite relentlessly.

I know Jehovah will maintain the cause of those oppressed;

He will defend the right of those by poverty distressed.

And then the righteous to Thy name their thanks will surely give;

And they that upright are in heart shall in Thy presence live.

Psalm 140 may be prayed by us believers as the deep supplication of Christ our Lord, who lives, ministers, and prays through the massive shadow of the darkly rising Cross. “Save me from the evil man, O Lord; from the unjust man deliver me, from those who think injustice in their hearts…Guard me, O Lord, from the sinner’s hand; save me from unrighteous men, who plot to trip my every step. The proud have laid a snare for me; they spread their nets to catch my feet; along my path they set a trap…O Lord, give heed to the voice of my prayer. Lord, my salvation’s strength, who sheltered my head on the day of battle.” (Reardon, p.279-280)

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