April 8: Psalm 16

April 8: Psalm 16

You did not allow Your Holy One to see Decay


Short meter double 66.86 D                    Diademata (Crown Him with Many Crowns), p. 20

Preserve me, O my God; I put my trust in You.

Lord, I confess, You are my Lord; no good have I but You.

The godly ones on earth, those holy in Your sight,

The noble and majestic ones, fill me with great delight.

Their sorrows multiply who after idols seek.

To them I’ll no blood off’rings make; their names I’ll never speak.

The Lord the portion is of my inheritance.

He fills my cup, my lot prepares, secures to me his grants.

The lines that fell to me enclose a pleasant site.

The heritage that I received to me is a delight.

I bless the Lord Who guides with counsel that is right.

My heart within me He directs to teach me in the night.

I always keep the Lord before me, Him to see.

Because He is at my right hand I never moved shall be.

Thus gladness fills my soul; my joy must be expressed

With my whole being, for my flesh securely finds its rest.

My soul You will not leave in death’s dark pit to be.

Corruption You will not permit Your Holy One to see.

The path of life You’ll show; of joy You hold great store.

Before Your face, at Your right hand, are pleasures evermore.

We may be sure that Psalm 16 was among the psalms interpreted to the Church by the risen Christ, for this was the first psalm that she exegeted in her very first sermon when she came rushing with power from the upper room on Pentecost. According to the Apostle Peter, who preached that sermon, Psalm 16 describes the Resurrection of Christ (Acts 2: 22-28). Even though it was King David saying these things, the voice speaking more deeply in Psalm 16, according to Peter, is the voice of Christ. As the forefather and type of Christ, David was speaking in the tones of prophecy (Acts 2: 29-32). As David prayed Psalm 16 ‘in persona Christi’, looking forward to the one who was to come, so do Christians, when they pray this psalm, identify themselves in hope with the risen Christ, for we too will rise with Him: “He who raised up the Lord Jesus will also raise us up with Jesus” (2 Cor. 4:14); “He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies” (Rom. 8:11). (Reardon, p.29-30)

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