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The means of grace are designed to deliver you and me from all idolatry and fully restore the image of God in us.

In this Seven Minute Seminary, Dan Wilt explains one of the Spirit's primary purposes in our lives.

Grace began our relationship with God and grace will see our salvation through to completion.

This great, global vision is at the heart of what happens when the Spirit of God infuses his people to join the triune God in his redemptive mission in the world.

The Scriptures give us a glimpse of that story. They point us toward a Story that is big and true and beautiful enough to give us meaning.

If we are to know, experience, and realize God’s vision for us, we need to lay aside the value of independence and embrace the New Testament vision for interdependence.

In this Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. David deSilva makes the case for loving the church as we love Jesus as a fulfillment of his commands.

Does someone whose life seems so messy fit into the orderly picture of God’s good creation?

The seven letters in the book of Revelation are filled with many rebukes and words of encouragement. May you have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church today.