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Author: Adam Kurihara

Worship as Protest

What do worship and protest have in common? Adam Kurihara reflects on recent political protest and activism in light of Christian faith.

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Organizing Your Worship Song Database

It is so much easier to access just the right song if you have a well organized database. But, there is no need to reinvent the wheel! Adam Kurihara shares a method for organization that will have you geeking out!

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Five Words for Our Beloved Sound Guys

I love our church’s sound guys. They are increasingly consistent, reliable, fun to work with, and eager to learn and grow. They respect the musicians, and they are always eager to help. Though we aren’t a big church, we have a team of 3-4 guys that give about 4 hours of their time on a Sunday to make sure we have excellent worship services. Here are five qualities I encourage in them.

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