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Author: Andrew Dragos

7 Hard Sayings of Jesus

Which of Jesus’ teachings are especially difficult to swallow given our modern sensibilities? Read these seven hard sayings of Jesus as Andrew Dragos offers Sciptural, historical, and literary clues to help with their interpretation.

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Four New(ish) Gospel Studies Books

Are you hoping to keep up with what’s happening in the world of Gospel studies, or looking for resources to equip members of your congregation? Check out these four fresh books on Jesus and the Gospels.

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What Does Authenticity Have to Do with Holiness?

One of the primary reasons nonbelievers cite for their lack of faith is the hypocrisy of Christians. Does this mean authenticity should be elevated as the chief end of the Christian life? Read more from Andrew Dragos as he discusses the relationship between the church, authenticity, and holiness.

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