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Author: Andrew Dragos

What Does Authenticity Have to Do with Holiness?

One of the primary reasons nonbelievers cite for their lack of faith is the hypocrisy of Christians. Does this mean authenticity should be elevated as the chief end of the Christian life? Read more from Andrew Dragos as he discusses the relationship between the church, authenticity, and holiness.

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7 Quick Facts about Black Friday

Before you critique it, or before you uncritically camp out and join in the craze of purchasing discounted consumer goods, make sure you’re up on the history and facts concerning this unrivaled retail holiday. Read more with this Seven Quick Facts about Black Friday.

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12 Practical Tips for First Year Seminary Students

You’ve finally made it to seminary. Now what? This place is different than any place you have been, the journey unknown. You may find yourself in need of some solid advice from someone who has gone before you. Andrew Dragos offers 12 practical tips for first year seminary students. This solid advice will serve you well in the coming years.

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