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Author: Bill Culpepper

Gender Wars: The Unexpected Discipleship Game

All youth pastors fight the good fight of trying to increase their youth group’s attendance. Bill Culpepper shares a tactic that he successfully used to more than double the numbers for his youth group over the course of one summer.

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The Day Before Thanksgiving: A Communion Experience

I’ve learned that I happen to serve at a church where the vast majority of our teenagers use every school holiday as an excuse to get out of small town Georgia, so now we don’t have Sunday Night Worship on the weeks of holiday breaks – except for one.

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5 Conversations to Have with Your New Senior Pastor

Uprooting your life and family can be a very stressful time, and your new senior pastor needs your support. What do you wish you knew when you first moved here? What mistakes have you made that they should avoid? Make yourself available to him or her just as they will be to you. Build the kingdom together.

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