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Author: Izzie Zimmerman

5 Ways Churches Can Love Their Youth Pastor

The youth ministry of our churches is vitally important. It brings vibrant life into the congregation and nurtures our growing leaders. But, how can we, as church members, support that ministry? Izzie Zimmerman provides 5 simple ways that church members who are not otherwise involved in the youth program can get involved and show youth pastors how much they care.

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5 Ways Parents Can Love Their Youth Pastor

Sometimes it is easy to take important people for granted. We don’t mean to, but still it happens. For parents of youth, their youth pastor may be one of the most important people in your child’s life. Izzie Zimmerman provides 5 easy ways to be intentional about showing how much your kids’ youth pastor means to you.

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5 Ways Youth Can Love Their Youth Pastor

Most of us appreciate the people who pour into our lives, and our youth pastor is no exception. It is often difficult to know how to be intentional about letting them know what they mean to us. Izzie Zimmerman has provided 5 simple ways youth can be intentional in showing appreciation to their youth pastors.

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Before You Go: A Pre-Exit Strategy for Youth Ministry

There is a high turnover rate in youth ministry, which means at the very least we need a better exit strategy for youth ministry. Izzie Zimmerman shares wisdom on how to enter and exit a ministry position well, as well as how to leave helpful information and organization for the next person coming in.

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