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Author: James Hampton

Hazards that Hinder our Self Care

Caregivers and people in ministry are the world’s worst at taking care of themselves. How can we begin to do better? James Hampton discusses some of the main pitfalls that cause us to neglect our own care and hinder us from gaining the renewal we need.

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Caring for the Caregiver

Are you worn out and weary in ministry or caregiving? Have you been taking care of yourself? James Hampton shares wisdom on the importance of caring for the caregiver.

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5 Steps to Combat Ministry Stress During Advent

The holidays are always a very busy and stressful time for clergy and lay leaders. So often, we ignore our self-care during this time and just push through, thinking that we can recharge after Christmas. But, what about attending to our own personal Advent? Jim Hampton shares 5 ways you can avoid holiday burnout this Advent.

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James Hampton's Summer Reading List

While reading is a year-long discipline for any academic, I find that my summer reading tends toward more non-academic books, though not entirely. With that as a precursor, here are five books I’m reading or

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