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Author: John Adams

How You Can Help Haiti After the Hurricane

Your heart is pulled by the plight of people in Haiti who are already suffering, and have now been hit by a major hurricane. How can you help? John Adams shares some helpful tips on what kind of helping is actually hurting and how best to use your resources.

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5 Reasons the Church Should Talk about Abortion

Recent news about senior leaders in the organization Planned Parenthood has rightfully sparked outrage about the moral evil of abortion and the disturbing practice of harvesting parts of aborted babies. In today’s article, John Adams provides 5 insightful reasons why the church should persist in its condemnation of this abhorrent industry.

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Good News for Almost Christians

In The Explicit Gospel, Matt Chandler recounts a disturbing, but eye-opening, moment during a public baptism at The Village, the church he pastors in Dallas, Texas. “One after another, each person stirred the waters and

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