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Author: Kensi Duszynski

A New Idea for Valentine's Day

Some people go all-in for Valentine’s Day, while others refuse to participate at all. Instead, they mock the holiday. Kensi Duszynski shares a new idea for Valentine’s Day that avoids the dangers of both cynicism and materialism.

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7 Positive Messages the Church Needs to Hear about Sex

For so long, the topic of sex has been kept hush-hush, especially in the church. However, we cannot afford to be silent any longer, considering the volume of misinformation and erroneous information that exists about sex and Scripture. Kensi Duszynski shares 7 positive messages the church should know about sex.

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What a Christian Millennial Woman Has to Say about Sex

Do we want our children growing up learning about sex from culture, or from the church? In today’s article, Kensi Duszynski makes a compelling case for playing an active role in the sexual education of children and teenagers in the church, and promises to follow up with 7 positive messages about sex that kids need to hear.

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