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Author: Randy Hardman

The Soul of Shame (A Review)

Honor and shame are often thought to be relics of cultures past. But shame especially has a strong grip on today’s culture, even in the West. In today’s piece, Randy Hardman reviews The Soul of Shame by Curt Thompson.

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If Bible Stories Had Click-bait Titles

The Reddit community r/Christianity, of which I am a part, had a fun discussion the other day and I thought it would be great to share some of the top responses to the question “If the Bible Had Click-Bait Titles, What Would They Be?”

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Did Adam and Eve Exist?

Did Adam and Eve really exist, and why does it matter? Randy Hardman reviews John Walton’s book, the Lost World of Adam and Eve, and evaluates Walton’s argument in light of reconciling science and faith.

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Incarnational Apologetics

Apologetics is the reasoned defense of the faith—but is it really important for Christians to engage in? Randy Hardman writes for us about his faith journey, tells us about some of his own experience with apologists, and suggests a healthy approach to moving forward.

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