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Author: Rick Webb

Build Your Own Youth Trip

There are numerous companies that have wonderful experiences that your group just can’t attend. By planning your own trip you can save a lot of money so more students can attend and it allows you to know what content the students will be learning. Here are five simple steps to planning any youth trip.

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8 Must-Haves of Youth Ministry

Underneath all the stuff, there are some basic fundamentals that all youth ministries must have. We get busy and focused on what we think we need to succeed and forget the basics. How are you doing with these musts of youth ministry? What are you missing and what would you add?

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It’s All Your Fault!!

As youth ministry leaders, we have to stop taking things so personally — other leaders are not attacking your ministry. Connect with them and facilitate ways they can connect with your youth. Be respectful of everyone and help the youth be the leaders of the church.

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