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Author: Scot Hoeksema

Does God Have a Plan for Me?

There are many stages in life when we would really like to be able to look ahead and know the twists and turns life will take. Adults start asking “What do you want to be?” or “What do you plan to do with your life?” For those active in the church whether in youth groups or more, God would seem to be the best place to find the answers. This is true… up to a point.

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Big Picture Game

Can you fit 31,173 verses into 45 seconds? In this game, youth must arrange 11 images (+/-) to tell the Bible story from Genesis to Revelation by placing the images in the correct order.

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You Will Always End Up Somewhere

We need to ask ourselves, “What is of critical importance that I should teach these precious youth in the few years I have with them?” There are many possible answers to this question.

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Two Ways to Slay the Busy-ness Dragon

We are all challenged with a great many ministry opportunities, meetings, readings, and the every now and again crisis or two. This can easily lead to a place where no long term planning takes place, we are just too busy trying to care of the immediate.

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How to Leave a Church Without Hurting Students

It happens to the best of us sooner or later. Sometimes it is our decision made willingly, other times forces and circumstances beyond our control propel us. I am, of course, talking about leaving. Your leaving will be stressful for the youth. If you care about them, do what you can to minimize this stress.

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Top Three things Every Youth Ministry Should be Teaching

In the old Frankenstein movies, even after the creature was completely assembled by Dr. Frankenstein it needed a jolt of energy from a lightning bolt captured from the storm raging outside. Here are three of my top lightning bolts that every youth ministry should be passing on to our students.

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graduating from the youth group

For Our Graduate

We are your people and you will always be one of us. When you rejoice, we will rejoice. When you grieve, we will grieve with you
When you are weary and burdened, we will listen and encourage.

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