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Author: Tommy Gray

Staying In Balance As You Plant

It has been said that the only thing that fails more often than a new church plant is a new restaurant. Since 63% of statistics are made up on the spot I am not sure this statement is true. However, I am sure that church planting is a difficult calling. It can take a toll on your life.

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Resourcing The Vision

When I planted in 1996 the common mantra included “one of the main reasons the un-churched are turned off to church is our conversations about money.” The result: little talk about how money, discipleship and vision are so intertwined. This is so unlike Jesus who talked about money a lot. I soon realized how foolish I was and began a journey to a faithful stewardship plan.

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Vision – A Non-negotiable

As best I can tell, nowhere in scripture are we told to plant churches. We are, however, clearly commissioned to make disciples. Church planting is the outflow of effective disciple making given the corporate nature of discipleship.

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