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Author: Winfield Bevins

Worshipping with Our Bodies

What’s with all those movements they’re making? Winfield Bevins explains the rich meaning of all the bowing, crossing, and kneeling Anglicans do during worship.

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3 Things that Drive Church Plants

When you go on a journey with others, there is always the question concerning who is going to drive. Winfield Bevins shares three of the things that “drive” a church plant on its journey.

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Becoming a Missional Family

Part of our role in discipling our children must include the missional task of reaching our neighborhoods. In today’s article, learn from Winfield Bevins as he shares concrete ways to model mission together as a family.

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Every Church a Plant

Sometimes it seems like there is a division between “regular” pastors and church planters. Winfield Bevins shares how all the parts are necessary and that every church is intertwined as part of the global Body of Christ.

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Christians Should Practice Meditative Prayer

Should Christians practice meditation as part of their spiritual practice? Winfield Bevins shares what kind of meditation Christians should be practicing, the Scriptural basis for such practices, and what benefits meditation holds for our souls.

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Icons: Sacred Art as a Way of Telling God’s Story

On some of our more recent Weekly Breathers, we have been opening our hearts to contemplation and connection with God using art. Today, Winfield Bevins shares with us an ancient method he found that helps his soul connect with our Creator God: iconography.

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