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Author: Winfield Bevins

How Church Planters Should Handle Conflict

Church planters will face conflict. The answer is not if, but when. God uses conflict to accomplish His purpose and plan for our lives and the church. The ultimate goal of conflict management should be to restore relationships not to destroy them.

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Christ-Centered Church Planting

Why do we plant churches? The answer is simple: Jesus Christ is the reason why we plant churches. The foundation of church planting and the entire Christian faith is Jesus Christ. Churches fall into error whenever they move away from Christ as their foundation.

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Sabbath and Mission: Essentials for Church Planters

Church planters need a healthy balance of sabbath and mission. As church planters, it is very important that we allow time during each day for spiritual rest and solitude from all of the busy distractions of our ministry. The multitude of distractions of ministry will drown out the quiet voice of God within our hearts.

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One Size Doesn’t Fit All

One size does not fit all and one church cannot win all. It takes all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people. The key is that the church needs to be Christ-centered and culturally relevant to whatever community or culture that they are called to serve through planting. It is important to take into consideration the culture, race, and ethnicity of the culture in which you plan to plant a church.

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Everyone Can Get Involved in Church Planting

I believe that everyone can and should get involved with planting new churches. Maybe you’re feeling called to be a part of a church planting, but don’t know where to start. There are three ways that everyone can get involved in church planting.

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Going the Distance: Longevity in Church Planting

The road to church planting is littered with pastors who burned out, committed moral failure, or simply walked away from the ministry. The good news is not all church planting ventures ends in disaster, failure, and frustration. Many church planters can and do thrive in various contexts.

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