What can make an average scavenger hunt rock your face off?  You guessed it: Bananas!

The gist of it all

Basically, this is photo scavenger hunt, with a twist. The twist, in this case, is the introduction of produce. Each team of 7 or so gets a “team banana” and a list of items around town that they need to measure in banana lengths.

  • Length between 3rd base and home plate
  • Circumference of a drive thru window
  • The height of your youth pastor
  • Circumference of a fountain in the local mall
  • Etc…

Logistical Stuff

  • Have more items on your list than a team can complete within the time limit.
  • Assign different point values for more difficult/distant items
  • Print out a sign with a Team # for each team (put your youth logo and event name on the sign)
  • At each location the team must take a pic with there entire group at the location. (Note: the sign must be visible in each picture)
  • The picture must be posted on Instagram with a hashtag (#YourEvent) (#YourYouthMinistry)
  • Have a designated return time
  • Please don’t get hung up on “exact” banana lengths. Truth be told I never pre-measured any or our items. It’s a game, make it more about the fun and less about the competition.

Downloadable Stuff

Here are all of the forms that we used for Bananarama. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or need anything else — mclarty.bill(at)


I am incredibly passionate about ministering to Middle/High School Students and their Families. I believe that it is imperative that students understand that we are to "Be The Church", and that this requires them as Followers of Christ to "Do Something". My goal is to help students create networks and to provide resources for them to be able to succeed at "Being The Church". I am a happily married father of four daughters, and have been serving in youth ministry in different capacities since 2004.