Sunday Best: Bankrupt Secularism, Explaining Membership Losses, Speaking in Tongues


The New York Times covers the phenomenon of speaking in tongues. Ed Stetzer responds with a rather different vision.

Meet the woman who will lead evangelical Lutherans. She is “religious but not spiritual.”

Here are 5 things premarital books left out.

One blog asks, “is secularism unprincipled?

The head of the Episcopal Church makes a bold claim about membership losses.

James K. A. Smith writes “Knitting While Detroit Burns,” advocating that Christians remain involved in systemic social change.

Mars Hill, Seattle explains why it uses the ESV Bible translation.

New scientific research find that we are “wired for relationships.”

Ben Witherington offers a short but pointed rebuttal to a recent book criticizing the “myth” of early Christian persecution.


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