Sunday Best: Beyonce, Twentysomethings, the Pharisees


Lawson Stone writes “Hindenberg Theology,” calling into question a certain type of protestant evangelical.

Donald Miller shares why he’s not more public about his faith. Agree? Disagree?

Did Beyonce’s performance at the Super Bowl advance the feminist cause? Here’s one take.

Guy Chmieleski writes a great resource titled, “7 Ideas On How To Help College Students Identify Their Calling.”

The twentysomething brain: why you should aspire to greatness in this stage of your life.

Roger Olson explains why he’s not a liberal.

What does homosexuality look like under the reign of Christ? Daniel Kirk writes at the Baker Academic blog.

Here’s a lead for doctoral students looking for funding.

Scot McKnight writes “Pharisees: Revisiting an Old Problem,” offering a much needed resource and point of clarification for evangelical Christians.


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