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When people finally get a grasp on the big sweeping story of Scripture and understand how it all fits and works together, they usually want to dig deeper. When the Word of God is taught well, it creates a growing hunger for yet more understanding. That’s why we’ve created OneBook: The Biblical Journey. The Biblical Journey offers a Bible learning resource spanning across a seven-year process. Each year consists of a 32-week journey through a focused segment of the Bible. Students will engage in a workbook with short study assignments six days a week and a weekly gathering where they will watch a video teaching session and discuss the week’s materials. While The Biblical Journey is accessible to entry-level Bible learners, it calls for a greater length of commitment and higher degree of fidelity to daily practice. Participants can expect to spend anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes to an hour in the daily exercises.  It looks something like this:

  1. The three days leading up to group time are given to preparing for the teaching.
  2. The group session is dedicated to the video teaching segment and the group discussion.
  3. The three days following group time are devoted to focused life application.

Then the weekly rhythm repeats itself: three days of preparation, one teaching session, and three days of life application. The first installment is a Gospel of Mark Bible study.

A biblically qualified teacher is not required to lead the sessions. The leader’s role primarily will be to engage in careful and intentional preparation of each class session as well as attention to time management, good use of discussion time, and ability to ensure full participation by all group members. The core resource, however, will be designed to provide its own academic authority without the convener being required to be an expert on the subject matter being presented.

Sample The Biblical Journey: The Gospel of Mark by Joseph Dongell