Big Picture Game


Can you fit 31,173 verses into 45 seconds?

Youth must arrange 11 images (+/-) to tell the Bible story from Genesis to Revelation by placing the images in the correct order.

  • Divide your youth into at least two teams.
  • Give each team a set of 11 images which you have printed out (see details below)
  • Ask the teams to put the images in order to tell the grand story of the Bible.
  • At the end of the time limit (5 minutes – depends upon your particular group) have each team get up and tell the Bible story using the sequence of images they decided on.


  • Did each team arrange the images in the same order?  Why or why not?
  • How did the explanations differ from one team to another?
  • How does this help you understand the big picture of the Bible story?
  • Do you see your own life fitting into this story?  How?

Game variation – Image scavenger hunt:

  • Prepare enough copies of every image to provide at least one per team with a few extras.  You can include random images, too.  (Who knows how they might be able to be used?)
  • Scatter the images out on a several tables.
  • Give each team 5 minutes to come up with a maximum of 15 bullet points to tell the Bible story.
  • When everyone is ready, tell them to find 1 image per bullet point from those scattered on the tables within 1 minute.
  • Each team then presents their story as illustrated by their images.

Image Suggestions

I believe a minimum of 11 images are required – you may add more as you see fit but I would use no more than 20 to avoid getting into too much detail.  Remember, the purpose is to help our youth know the big picture of the Bible.

1. God is Love

I used Publisher and superimposed “LOVE” over “GOD” in large red letters.  I chose a transparency setting of 63% so that each word could be clearly seen through the other.

2. God created all things

I selected a Hubble telescope photo – there are plenty to choose from online

3. God created everything in this world we live in and it was good.

I searched for a Garden of Eden type image that shows the abundance and variety of life.

4. Satan tempted Adam and Eve and sin entered the world.

I found a modern image of Adam, Eve, the apple, and the snake.

5. Sin changed everything.

For this I used a Day of the Dead image which shows skeletons dressed in ordinary clothes, singing, dancing, sitting, talking.

6. Despite this, God does not give up on us and in the midst of bleakness there is hope.

I found a picture of a cactus with a single pink blossom in a barren wilderness.

7. In the fullness of time, God sent his only Son, Jesus, so that the world might be saved.

I used an icon of Mary and Jesus – there are many, many options for this.

8. Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross to pay the penalty for sin so that those who believe would be restored as children of God.

I found a painting of Jesus on the cross surrounded by those he came to save – the blind, the sick, the prisoner, the hungry, and the naked.

9. There is still evil and poverty and injustice in the world and all of creation groans waiting for the children of God to be revealed.

Many possibilities here including images of poverty, injustice, and the like.  I have used pictures of trash dumps surrounding homes.

10. The children of God continue the ministry of Jesus until his return.

Again there are many possibilities.  I used a photo of youth packaging food for a food pantry.  Any image of youth in ministry would work.

11. Ultimately, all that is will be no more and the faithful will inhabit the New Jerusalem and God will dwell with them in the new creation.

I found an image of a painting representing the New Jerusalem.

Additional exercise (if you have a leadership team):

  • What do you think of this list?
  • What would you add or change?
  • What images best represent each of these points?
  • How would you tell the story?

Scot is a pastor, potter, poet, and photographer. He received a MDiv from Asbury Seminary in 2013. He serves at Grassland Community Church near Ashland, KY. Scot and his wife, Pat, (who is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church) have three beautiful daughters scattered from Ohio to Kentucky to the US Virgin Islands. Scot loves nature and is passionate about “seeing the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living” and preparing a new generation of leaders with fire in their bones.