The Big Questions


As we re-gather our students and begin a new rhythm for the fall we encourage our adult leaders, specifically those that lead a small group, to welcome, embrace and wrestle with the big questions.  In fact, we call our (very) loose small group curriculum just that: “The Big Questions.”

One of our small groups meets at a host home where every Sunday night is a feast.  Another meets in a backyard.  Until my girls graduated last year, we met in the dorm room of my grad-student co-leader at the University of Tulsa. Another group used to meet at the park.  Many meet in living rooms. One meets in a driveway underneath a basketball goal. “Wherever you meet, and however it’s structured,” we tell our leaders, “engage with the Big Questions.”

These are our big questions:

Freshman year: “Where do I belong?”

Throughout the year discuss choices, friendships and integrity in the context of this year’s question.

Sophomore year: “How do my choices matter?”

Throughout the year discuss caring for others (community, friends), service, prayer, dealing with temptation in the context of this year’s question.

Junior year:  “How does this all fit?”

Throughout the year discuss worldview, stewardship (selves, money, the earth), investing in others (the next step in caring for others) in the context of this year’s question.

Senior year:  “What’s love got to do with it?”

Throughout the year discuss God’s will (from the perspective of a loving God), Christian view of marriage, vocation in the context of this year’s question.

When Sunday night rolls around again, Jesus-loving adults all over the city are telling students with their words and with their lives, “It’s ok to wonder.  It’s ok to doubt.  It’s ok to not know.  It’s ok to question.  Let’s walk this journey together.”


Rebekah got her start in youth ministry at Christ Church in Montevideo, Uruguay and is now the Minister of Youth Discipleship at First United Methodist Church in Tulsa, OK. She earned her B.S. in Organizational Management and Ethics from Oklahoma Wesleyan University. Rebekah is married to her soulmate, Philippe. Together they like to drink mate, play soccer with their dogs, and dream of traveling the world. Rebekah has read Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy six times.